rELIcs Group Exhibition

The language of light emits throughout space like a vehicle for concepts and emotions. When it interacts with the language of sound, the two phenomena combine to form a synergistic relationship. This synergy creates a portal into a space that encourages transcendence. ‘Relics’ explores this relationship through installations that utilize projections, industrial objects, and sonic apparatuses. The work can be experienced through surface level physicality, which is looking into the portal, as well as be a guide towards deeper dialogue, which is stepping through the portal. The pieces that comprise ‘Relics’ are steeped in ritual, and point towards the necessity of consciously creating portals as ritual.

Featuring: Margo Elsayd, Melani Hekimoglu, Avery Gabbiano, Erick Antonio Benitez, and Ixto

EMP Collective, Baltimore, MD (2016)


Margo Elsayd, Picket

Erick Antonio Benitez, Rimway wayarawen

Avery Gabbiano, Polarity Consumption