Polarity Consumption

Two poles are positioned in a taut and fragile altar. They represent the tradition of a binary gender system. Gender, while traditionally thought to be a binary with innate roles assigned to people at birth, is experienced and expressed as a spectrum with an infinite amount of possibilities. When the user travels through the gallery space, they are subject to a mix of sonic textures that coalesce outside and in between the poles. Sculpted field recordings of branches cracking, leaves rustling, water sloshing, bubbles being blown, and windmill turbine drones fill the entire space. These textures overlap over time in an infinite amount of possibilities. The user may have difficulty discerning which pole is producing each texture. This may continue even while standing within the altar itself.



Featured in Woven Autonomo's group exhibition 'Relics'

EMP Collective, Baltimore, MD (2016)


Sculpture, Speaker System, & Sounds by Avery Gabbiano

Photography by Michael Bussell